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Spring 1999

Commentary by Julie Denham, Telecommuter

My Office Is the Internet

Have you ever looked up the word "Internet" at Webopediaís online PC Dictionary? The first sentence describes the Internet as: "A global network connecting millions computers". I have a different idea of what the Internet is. It should be described as, "A global network connecting millions of people via their computers".


In 1997, I was working as an Apartment Leasing Manager. Each night after work, I taught myself how to design web pages. At first, the Internet was a mystery to me. I had no idea what ISP, FTP, etc. meant.


I soon realized that the Internet provided a library of resources that could help me learn. Using search engines, I found web pages for "newbies" designed by experienced Internet Developers. I was relieved to see that people put these free resources on the Internet so others like me can learn more about it.


One night while I was researching online, I saw a banner ad for CareerMosaic.com. I clicked through to the career and resume oriented web site and noticed that it was free to submit a resume. I wasnít looking for a new career. However, I was curious to see what would happen if I put my resume on their web site. I typed a quick resume and submitted it.


Three weeks after I submitted my resume, I unexpectedly received four phone calls from Recruiters. I explained to the Recruiters that I worked onsite at the apartment development and wasnít able to commute.


One of the Recruiters suggested that I work from home and that he would suggest a new Telecommuting program to his Manager. I went to interview and I was hired to work from home as a Technical Internet Recruiting Assistant and Internet Marketing Representative.

Since Internet Development, Promotions, and Recruiting were new to me, I had to visit as many web sites as I could to research software, techniques, and suggestions. Iíd often send emails to the Web Masters of the most helpful web sites and ask questions.


I soon found out that many of the people who offer free advice on the Internet are Telecommuters as well. They are the most supportive people Iíve ever had the pleasure of communicating with. Since I work from home, I upgrade and maintain my own hardware and software. Thereís always new technology to implement, and I can successfully do that with the help of my Internet and Telecommuting colleagues.


Here are a few of my favorite Internet/Telecommuting friends who have encouraged me along the way:

Leonard Neely, Internet Developer of Lan Connections and Focus on Resumes.


Alyce Bishop, Telecommuters from home as VP for Resume Blaster.  and SplitIt.com.


Kimberly Hargis, works from home as a Resume Designer.


Joan McCormick, works from home as an Internet Developer and Graphic Designer extraordinaire at Camelot.


Dale LaFollette, sells Vintage Motorphotos from his home office.


Tim Kellebrew, OTR Promotions provides Sponsorship Services in Motorsports and publishes SIM racing books from his home office.


Rick Johnson, Telecommuting Safety & Health Benefits Institute, promotes the health benefits of telecommuting.


David Fleming, a Telecommuting-Telework Consulting "Guru".


Karlton Coffin, an Internet Developer and Home Recording Studio Producer provides Web Master links at his ZoodCru Magazine web site.


These individuals are an inspiration to me. Iím grateful for their support and advice. Iíve never met such a productive group of people like these folks in any office environment. Once in a while, I read that Telecommuters felt isolated while working at home and return to work onsite. I donít feel isolated working from home. Iím glad that Iíve made the Internet my office.


As my way of "giving back" to the Internet Community what it gives to me, I provide my own free Internet and Telecommuting sections at my personal site - IndyTrax.com. I hope that these resources are as valuable to others as they are to me.


If youíre currently considering working from home, best of luck with your endeavors. Itís the best career I could ask for. Iím sure it will be the same for you as well.


Portland, Oregon
Email: webmaster@indytrax.com


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