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August 1997

Guest Commentary by Juan J. Videgain 


 Spain Adopts the Advantages of Teleworking


All the world is immersed in a fantastic change that offers a great opportunity for countries like Spain. The are several reasons for this change, including the following:


The transformation of the post-industrial society into the society of the information.


The ability to locate and to receive information in almost any part of the world.


The increasing state-of-the-art, and decreasing price, of information and communications technology.

Despite this phenomenal change in how business can be done, most organizations have hardly modified their traditional way of doing business.

The challenge is transformation, and the key question is: Can organizations change their business practices without changing their traditional way of working? About five years ago, some progressive businesses and government agencies in Spain began to understand and apply the concepts of teletrabajo (teleworking). During this period, most of these organization have experienced successes that clearly demonstrate and ratify each and every one of the advantages of teleworking.


As the former director of operations of IBM Spain, and now as the leader of QVA, S.L. - a group of companies dedicated to the development of the concepts of teletrabajo - we are formulating the necessary frameworks to implant these new concepts in the workplace.


There are in Spain two teleworker associations: One is under the auspices of the ECTF (European Community Teleworks/Telematics Forum) and the other is a national alliance.

To understand and undertake the projects of teletrabajo, it is necessary break them down into three differentiated categories:

Implement "mobility" projects in big companies and institutions.


Establish telecenters and factories of information in rural zones.


Create telebusiness centers for small and medium companies.


All three categories have had favorable experiences. As a result, Spain now has nearly 200,000 teleworkers.

Furthermore, a new world of possibilities has materialized. Already, Spain has several consulting firms dedicated to teletrabajo, and there are also several forums to spread the word and influence change.


Juan J. Videgain 
QVA, S.L. 
Berlin 30 
11405 Jerez de la Frontera (SPAIN) 

Copyright 1997 


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